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i envy. | Monday, May 25, 2009

i envy u , J. u 2 r realli compatible.

all the best to u, J. i hope u cherish her.

Created at 1:50 AM

the end? | Sunday, January 04, 2009

issit the end?

i ponder.

im lost.

a guy who noes nth . a guy who can be romantic .

a guy who can onli be involved in sports. a guy who can realli sit by ur side play a nice song for u .

who u choose.

guess a normal. girl will definately wans a 1 romantic , and sit by her side,playing a nice song for her.


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Created at 3:48 PM

her mission. | Monday, December 15, 2008

shes going on " A MISSION "

off to send her !!

get to see her again!!

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Created at 12:40 PM

i saw her. | Saturday, December 13, 2008

11.45, 12/12/2008

i saw her on 302 bus.

such coincidence. if i were to take a cab to dexter hse , i wouldnt had met her.

i had a weird feeling juz as the bus stop by at the 1st stop. there she is . noticed her juz halfway as she walk to the back of the bus. i was a little taken aback. i dunno wat to do.

den, she wave and say hi to mi . and i return the greeting. next she walk towards mi . following behind her was some1. i was trying to figure out issit julian. but doesnt seems to be him. blame mi for my bad eyesight, i cant even see well far nw.

she walk towards mi and sat beside mi . shes more of talking to her fren abt some mission stuffs i guess tt shes involved. but nw and then turn and talk to mi . i realli dunno wat to do, wat to say. im always stucked when shes ard . very weird. i didnt talk much but listened to their conv. more.

reached her stop but she didnt alight, and ya shes going to her fren hse for somethings.. and alighted at dexter hse stop too~

as soon as we alighted , i asked her if shes heading the same way or towards 7-11 way. and she replied the other way. so we bid gdbye.. i was walking and walking and turn back a while. she didnt looked back. she wasnt in the vicinity, shes gone.

i was thinking and at dexter hse. i decided to msg her. its been a long time since i msg her. i didnt wanted to disturb her life. (u will nv n0e, shes very cold and sorta ignoring mi. i keep trying, but always getting the disappointed answer. so i guess shes doesnt like wans mi to contact her, and plus she has a bf le. wat is there to msg her u see..). i told her to tc and rest well, she realli looks tired to mi when i took glances of her in the bus. i wanted so much to tell her tt, tts why i decided to msg her.

she didnt reply mi so i sorta tot to myself. i felt she wanted to reach hme be4 she reply as mostly she does tt. and it turns out realli as wat i tot . well by tt time we had already met chris and went to lau pa sat to eat.

luffs and jokes ard man. and dexter asked the satay man gt pork. WTH. malay leh. mi, chris and jess was like luffing like fcuk. dexter= pattern king. went up to mount faber afterwhich.
chris as usual will PS mi and dexter alone and go ahead for his hanky panky.

dexter and mi was like engrossed in PSP playing games waiting for them lo. i sat on the bench, feeling the cold nite breeze i looked into the sky . HW I WISH i was wif her here enjoying the nite scene, feeling the cool breeze and seeing the cute little clouds in the sky wif a moon. if shes cold i can hug her too.

juz den she replied saying she looked tired cos of the mission stuffs and packing stuffs. i was at a loss, i dunno wat to reply or shld i reply, cos she said nite. perhaps shes going to slp otherwise why she say nite. but under the advice of chris, i msg her again. actually partly cos i wanted to ask when she leaving and returning. and so the msg goes like asking her hw long she going hw many days. after her reply. msg her jokingly, dun 4get my souvenir and ask her take gd care of herself and cyas for genting.. gd nite and sweet dreams.

she didnt replied. guess she dun wan to continue and msg le. and wanted to slp. didnt realli affected mi as i wanted to say and asked wat i wanted to n0e.

hope she enjoys her mission and achieved wat she plans. hope she take gd and extra care of herself. ill been looking forward for the genting trip wif her since long......

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Created at 6:23 PM

marine barrage. | Sunday, December 07, 2008

b-e-a-u tiful place. i felt it was an excellent architect design.

the shadows left behind ea step , cutting thru every beam of light, falling on the flawless wall.


her. shes appears again.

for sure, she still lingers in my mind.

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Created at 3:04 PM




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